OTARRmedia is a Multi media production company that specializes on diverse graphic design, such as Print graphics, Motion graphics, Web graphics, 3D product Visualization, 3D animation, video production (music and movies) and Audio Production.

We are equipped with the high tech digital technology and highly creative and dedicated personnel to offer to our clients a satisfactory graphic solutions.

With our extensive experience in multimedia production since 2007 you are guaranteed of optimum service delivery, because we are always committed to serving your graphic needs with excellent creativity!

OTARRmedia is founded in 2002 by SSB Otaru (AFR) a Nigerian creative Artist,

With the goal to provide expert, comprehensive Creative solutions to individual

or companies, and to provide them with the highest standard of design service.

Engaging multimedia and web products, using our skills and experience

along with a high level of consultation with our client for best results.

In addition, we design a training services, we aimed to provide effective skills

Acquisition in multimedia and web products to multimedia Producers, Developers

And Providers.

Now we have taken our time to initiate our online graphic shop, to bring our services to you anywhere you may be in the globe, we have assemble the best hands in graphic design, to deliver to you a high quality design services.

This system allows you to place order on any of our services listed, and get it done fast and uniquely.

We at OTARRmedia listen to your and provide solutions to your creative demand.